New Digital Products Put Healthcare in Patients' Hands

New Digital Products Put Healthcare in Patients'Hands

The Exequor Group cites significant trends in next generation devices - Smart Pillboxes, Wearables, Wellness Apps, Heart Monitors - that allow patients to be much more involved in overcoming disease and maintaining wellness.

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 19, 2016

Rings, watches and bracelets that help wearers sleep, breathe, wake up and work out. Smart pillboxes that ensure patients take their meds. An ECG in a smartphone and advanced cloud technologies that can support a range of regulatory elements while providing secure, dependable and economical solutions. In 2016, these trends in digital healthcare are faster, more accurate, cost-effective and increasingly, put control of healthcare in the hands of patients.New developments in digital healthcare span wearables, smartphones, heart monitors, wellness apps, smart pillboxes and cloud technologies.

"The newest developments in digital healthcare are the most dramatic and far-reaching yet," says Christopher Lisanti, managing partner at The Exequor Group. The pharmaceutical consulting firm advises its life sciences clients on the most effective ways of analyzing and using the enormous number of digital innovations just coming on to the market and transforming the face of healthcare. "Digital healthcare impacts every component of the healthcare ­system," Lisanti says. Patients, caregivers, hospital systems, medical practices and insurance companies must adapt to a range of digital innovations from wearables to sophisticated monitoring systems.

These and other new products were showcased at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. But as Lisanti notes, "The most significant trend was the next-generation devices that allow patients to be much more involved in overcoming disease and maintaining wellness."

Both startups and major IT firms are leading the way with technology that already serves providers and patients in the developed world. Their products are now transforming healthcare globally with devices that do the work of doctors, according to Stephen Fox, Managing Director Life Sciences Practice at The Exequor Group

"In 2016, we will see even greater communications convergence in devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearables at hospitals, clinics and emergency services," Fox says. Transmission and storage of medical records will become increasingly important as will protecting those records. "But the most far-reaching benefits of these devices will be cost savings, improved wellness and patients with much more control over their healthcare," Fox affirms. This year will see even more advances and wider adaptation of these leading trends: posted: Feb 19, 2016 4:06 PM



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